Wrapping and cushioning papers

Newsprint 45/50 g/m2 in sheets and reels is used by moving companies, food departments of department stores, butcher’s shops, bakeries, pastry shops, snack bars and retail stores as wrapping paper.
Illuprint 60 g/m2 has the same application and is preferred by some customers because of its both-sided smoothness and superior strength.

RC Offset paper from 60 to 80 g/m2 is mainly used by mail order companies who want to cushion postal packages to protect their merchandise. As an alternative Schrenz 60 to 70 g/m2 is often used for this purpose.

One-sided glazed wrapping tissue 22 to 40 g/m2 is often used by ceramic and tableware suppliers. Particularly moving companies like to use this product for packaging goods like cups and plates.

White and brown Kraft papers, reels and sheets, also printed in all established qualities.

 We can deliver all these papers quickly and cost-effective in constant quality and all commercial formats.