Overview papers – reels and sheets

Metalized and Silicon treated papers

Masking papers

Masking papers for painting and car body painting

Padding/stuffing papers

Envelope papers

Printing papers, all kinds

Tissue papers (industrial, patterned, flower print, Kraft-)

Handicraft papers, different colours, (crepe and tissue)

Bitumen papers

Crepe papers (Kraft-, Schrenz, coloured, etc.)

Wrapping papers, all kinds

VCI papers (anti-tarnish papers, anti-corrosion papers)

Medical papers (medical crepe, dental crepe, etc.)

Oiled and paraffin papers

Lining papers

Schrenz (40-200 g/m2)

Recycled papers

Grease- and waterproof food-wrapping papers (choose your own motive from 200kg)

Kraft papers, Kraft sack papers, Kraft tissue papers

Glassine (coloured and printed)

Parchment papers

Soda Kraft papers, brown or white

Mixed soda papers, brown or white

Kraftliner and Testliner

Gift wrap and glossy papers (single reels available)

Clupack semi and full

Artist’s papers

Non-skip papers, anti-slip papers

Baking paper, brown and white


Special papers of all kinds and specifications

Special designs and prints also in small quantities!

Paper conversion – press cuts – special formats – minimal formats – large formats – toll manufacture? – Special equipment – stock keeping/storing