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Tissue papers

Qualities: premium one-sided glazed white tissue papers

21 g/m2 best quality chlorine- and acid-free Premium

18 g/m2 best quality chlorine- and acid-free Premium

30 g/m2 white Cellulose

30 g/m2 whitish Recycling

Reel widths: 
50 cm 75 cm 100 cm
Formats: 37.5 x 50 cm/50 x 75 cm/75 x 100 cm

Minimum quantity for printed tissue papers:
10,000 sheets 50 x 75 cm / 10 reels 75cm width

Valid for all qualities
Flexoprint = standard print quality, good look

Furthermore we offer all established coloured tissue and gift wrapping papers printed with all available colours in premium quality. We work with all standard printing file formats. Galley proofs are provided for approval before printing release. For pre-press costs like printing plates etc. we offer a fixed price based on T&M basis. The buyer bears potentially incurring freight charges for small-volume purchases as per offer.


Tissue papers have variegated applications depending on business branch.

Jeweller’s tissue papers in very low grammatures (up to 18/19 g/m2) are used by jewellers and department stores selling jewellery. Further customers are goldsmiths. Here it is important to deliver a chlorine- and acid-free product.

Colourer tissue papers are printed with individual or neutral motives for hobby shops, florists and floral wholesalers. Wet strength and sizing of the paper are crucial in this context.

Florists’ tissue available from stock! Samples upon request!

Spring/summer motives available till end of august. Produced in wet strength quality.

Coloured bottle wrapping papers are used by beverage stores and wine merchants.

Wrapping tissue (natural colour) is considered to be the “bread wrap” of packaging wholesalers due to its variegated applications for household moving firms, department stores and packers for export.

Baker’s tissue is usually bought in large quantities by baker’s wholesale cooperatives and in smaller quantities by bakeries/chainstore companies directly from the packaging wholesaler.

Kraft tissue papers are made using 100% pulp as raw material and stand out due to a high strength and printability. The degree of whiteness is very high and facilitates classy packaging.

In co-operation with our partners we deliver directly ex factory free to your door in all established formats and specifications.