Wilma Schrenz



Originally developed for and still mainly used in the manufacturing of corrugated boards, Schrenz is nowadays increasingly used as a cost-saving alternative for packaging, wrapping and stuffing. We deliver in all commercially available grammages and specifications.

The trend is Schrenz! Why?

Schrenz is a packaging, wrapping and stuffing paper consisting of 100% recovered paper available in reels and sheets. In many application areas it now stands up as an alternative to the established packaging papers, as palette interlayer for industrial enterprises or stuffing and padding material for mail order businesses. The reason: cost efficiency!

Schrenz is by all means a cost-saving alternative to known multilayered and expensive papers in poorly running paper cushioning systems and is reclaiming shares in the market in this field.

Reels of masking paper (100cm width and 100 or 50 running meters) are used by painters every day.

We deliver to you directly from the factory’s warehouse stock. Quantities from one palette to a full lorry load.