Crepe papers


Crepe is one of the most versatile papers available. From light weight crepe papers based on pulp or recovered paper as raw material to the heavy packaging qualities.

Medical and dental crepe made from bleached pulp is used in sheets or reels in every dentist’s and gynaecologist’s practice and in hospitals as mat for sets of instruments or operating tables.  

Petrol station crepe on reels can be found on virtually every petrol station.

Car mat crepe is used by every German automobile manufacturer and in large car dealerships.

In co-operation with our partner we exclusively provide printed car mat crepe perforated on reels. Your benefit: Space saving option for the already confined storage spaces in garages/production facilities and warehouses.

Of course available:
Sheets, standard packaging

Chicken crepe: Chicken and pigeon breeders use this grey crepe sized or unsized as bedding layer in cages (keeping and transport)  

Seed crepe is a product developed by Meyer-Verpackungen GmbH in co-operation with our partners. It is used as an alternative for polyethylene sheeting by the growing community of vegetable farmers. Due to its special composition of raw materials it can be ploughed in as fertilizer.  

Packaging crepe is used as non-skip palette interlayer and for packaging and protecting of heavy goods. Our standard range can be supplied very quickly.

Masking crepe: Reels (standard widths and 20 or 50 running meters) used by nearly every painter. Our large standard range is immediately available from stock.

Extensible crepe paper on manual reels (ca. 15cm diameter) is used  by shipping companies, moving companies and furniture manufacturers mainly as protective packaging for bulky goods.