Transport and shipping packages

Shipping tubes, round and square, made to order and standard sizes
Chipboard boxes
Folded corrugated cardboard boxes, size and quality to order, small and large batches
Shipment accessories like unwinders, cutters, cushioning paper etc. as required

… made from solid or corrugated board, printed and plain
Small batches: special sizes from 5 units (folded corrugated cardboard boxes)
Large batches: full lorry loads

Manufacturing and trade, mail-order trade, printing press, fabricators and processors.
We can always directly offer: small to medium production runs.

Slip lid boxes
One- or two-piece, four- or six-point bonded or automatic box base. Printed or plain. Large product-range with standard sizes and weights. We guarantee speedy supply at attractive prices without tool-cost expenses! Please inquire for our standard sizes.

Folded boxes
From solid or corrugated board. Standard products, reliable, fast and cost-effective delivery. Custom made to your needs.

Display boxes
The selling aide.
Our service: Design, graphic design and all prepress preparations on request.
Flexo- or offset-printing.

Punched boxes
From simple to high quality cuts (perforated tear flaps, scoring and creasing accurate to the millimeter, punching tool development, suitable for automated packaging systems, etc.) we can offer virtually anything.

Edge protection
From cardboard . The most cost-effective method of protecting your palletized corrugated or solid board boxes from steel or plastic straps! Ideal for cold stores and suppliers of frozen foods.

Cardboard dividers
From any material, delivered flat-packed. Used in beverage, medical, pharmaceutical and food industry. Small batches possible.

Meat and poultry boxes
From solid board. Utilised by meat and poultry processing industries. With or without Flexo-print.

Setup boxes
From chipboard, four-point bonded. Used by every printer. Standard sizes in all qualities quickly available from stock.

Archive boxes
Made from a special material for archives, public authorities  and museums as storage boxes for long-term storage. Resistant to atmospheric attack and hydrophobic.